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The clinic is located in the Providence Health Park . Our building easily accessed off Providence Drive (or 36 th Street) before you get to the main Providence Hospital entrance. Turn onto Piper Street , across from UAA at Sea Wolf Drive. Once on Piper Street , building “T” will be just ahead on the left. The “T” in the address designates the building. The “4” is the floor. And “054” is our suite. For your convenience there is a parking garage immediately next to the T and U buildings.

The statistics on how many Americans are limited by allergies in their abilities to enjoy every day activities would amaze most people. Over 47 million Americans are affected by allergies and 17 million by asthma. Activities such as taking a walk among the summer flowers, petting a cat or eating a newly ripe tomato can cause allergic reactions which can be severe in many individuals. Indoors, there are dust mites, animal dander and molds all year-round. The discomfort for some people in response to active agents like these can be acute and severe. Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Alaska provides the area’s most complete service in allergy management for both children and adults.

Why suffer needlessly from allergic discomfort ranging from an aggravating rash or post nasal drip to serious respiratory problems? Technological advances mean that testing can be performed to determine which substances can be avoided, thus alleviating the problem. After this comprehensive evaluation, the doctors will counsel you concerning a total management plan and an individualized treatment program.

It is our philosophy that sufferers of asthma or allergies should not have to make major changes in their lives and sit on the sidelines. Instead, we believe that through proper treatment and management of the disease, people can keep their pets and play in sports.

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